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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Optical Fiber and Fiber Devices
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015  13:10-14:40
Chair: Prof. Nan-Kuang Chen,Prof. Nai-Hsiang Sun
Room: ACX Lecture Hall 璟德講堂 (B1F)
Notes: N/A
13:10 - 13:40 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0204-I001
Invited Speaker:
Jonathan Knight
Optical fibres with a hollow core – nothing is better than silica! 

Optical fibres formed from silica have been a huge success, but their performance is limited by the fact that the light needs to travel through a silica core. Therefore, the limitations of silica – dispersion, power handling, nonlinearity, spectral transparency – define the limits of the fibre performance. The talk will describe how one can devise optical fibres which have a hollow core, enabling us to circumvent the limitations of conventional optical fibre designs. 

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13:40 - 13:55 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0204-O001
Chih-He Tu A Bending Sensor Based on a Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating

This study shows the loss-dip variation of cladding modes of different tilted fiber Bragg gratings (TFBGs) for bending measurement. Different bending sensitivities are experimentally demonstrated by using different tilted-angle gratings.

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13:55 - 14:10 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0204-O002
Hung-Ying Chang A High-sensitivity Dual-axis Fiber Inclinometer Based on Two Chirped Fiber Gratings

We proposed a novel high-sensitivity dual-axis fiber inclinometer based on two etched chirped fiber Bragg gratings arrays (CFBGs) with the best sensitivity of 0.08114 nm/degree and best R-square of 0.9991 respectively.

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14:10 - 14:25 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0204-O003
Chi-Lun Yeh Coaxial-Fiber-Based Fabry-Pérot Vibration Sensor

We propose a coaxial-fiber-based Fabry-Pérot interferometer vibration sensor formed by immersing the tip of a PCF into BOE. The air-hole cladding of the PCF can be successfully removed with a reduced core size. As the vibration frequency is 1kHz, our coaxial FP vibration sensor shows 50-dB signal to noise ratio.

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14:25 - 14:40 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0204-O004
Hsuan Chen Vibration Sensor Based on Fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Formed by Beveled Single-mode Fiber

We propose a Fabry-Pérot-interferometer-based sensor by simply splicing a beveled SMF to a normal SMF and using chemical etching process to form an air cavity. The cavity length can be tuned by controlling the etching time. The fabricated sensor is then employed in vibration sensing with more than 25-dB SNR.

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