The OPTIC 2015 is held at Delta Building in National Tsing Hua University.


From the main gate of NTHU to Delta building and Banquet

After entering the main gate of National Tsing Hua University, turn left when you walk through the big law, then move straight ahead. Please find the Education Center, see the Engineering building Ⅲ and turn left to reach the Delta Building.


Banquet will be held at 6pm (Dec 4th) in 新竹彭園會館:新竹市光復路二段151號

From the South gate of NTHU to Delta building
The South gate of NTHU is located in Baoshan Rd.
Please turn left and pass through the College of Humanities and Social Science and turn left once you see the Lotus Pond. After that, walk through the Campus Security Office, turn left at the Food Court, then move straight ahead.

South gate to Delta

From Delta building to Dormitory Ching
Please move straight through Physics Building and find the crossroad at your one o’clock position and walk straight ahead to the Dormitory Ching.

Delta to Ching