Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to NTHU

After you arrive at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, two ways are recommended to reach National Tsing Hua University ( NTHU ). Please prepare cash, New Taiwan Dollar (NT),  in advanced. Currency exchange can be found at the airport.

★ Taxi:
     It is convenient to take taxi at the airport to reach NTHU directly. (Estimated NT$1500 )

★ Taiwan High Speed Rail:
     If you prefer public transportation, you may follow the following suggested steps. (Estimated NT$300 )

Step 1 : Airport => Tauyuan High Speed Rail (HSR) Station

It is recommended that passengers take shuttle service from the airport to HSR Tauyuan Station. After you exit the customs, please follow signs to locate the Ubus stop in the Terminal building, at which you may take the bus to arrive the HSR station in about 20 min. The bus fare is NT$30 for an adult and $15 NT for Child/Senior/Disabled. The last Ubus service to the HSR station is at about 22:30. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the HSR station in about 15 min.


Step 2 : Tauyuan HSR Station => Hsinchu HSR Station

After you reach the Tauyuan HSR station, please look up the timetable and then buy a ticket to Hsinchu. The ticket price is around 110-200 NT. The travel time is about 12 min.


High Speed Rail Timetable

Step 3 : Hsinchu HSR Station => NTHU by bus service

After reaching the Hsinchu HSR station, please follow the sign to locate a bus stop outside the station, take the bus to "National Tsing Hua University." The travel time is about 20 min.

Hsinchu Area Transportation

Bus stops: There are bus stops across from the main gate of NTHU, and students can take the bus from there to the train station, downtown area, and city hall.
Bus schedule: Every 5-20 minutes, depending on traffic and time of day.
Fare :15 NT。
Detailed information on Hsinchu city buses: click

There are two taxicab companies:
1.Hung-shuai Taxicab Company 03-5713333
2.Chin-li Taxicab Company 03-5221111

Taxi Fares
Basic charge 1250 meters NT$100
Charge after 1250 meters 250 meters NT$5
Time-based charges 3 Minutes NT$5

No additional charges for luggage that needs to go in trunk.
Chinese New Year charges will be significantly higher, but no more than 30%.
Note 1: When traffic is moving slower than 5km/hour, there will be an additional NT$5 charge every 3 minutes
Note 2: Between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., there will be an additional NT$20 charge.

Outgoing Transportation from Hsinchu

National freeway buses:

How to access: From NTHU's eastern entrance (post office), make a right and you may access public buses which provide transportation to Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung; if you walk down 10 more minutes, there is a Ho-hsin bus station and Aloha bus station which will take you to Tainan and Kaohsiung, respectively.

Fare: Taipei NT$95-130, Taoyuan/ Longtan NT$100, Taichung NT$140-160, Tainan NT$600, Kaohsiung NT$600-700.

Bus schedule: One bus every 10-30 minutes.

Detailed information:

Take a city bus to train station and buy tickets at the window.
Detailed information:

Taiwan High-speed Railway:
How to access: In the same area beyond NTHU's eastern entrance where the bus stops are lies the shuttle stop for the high-speed railway station, a free shuttle service that takes you to the nearest station in Chubei. The high-speed rail will take you to Taipei in approximately 20 minutes and Kaohsiung in an hour and a half.

Detailed information: Here