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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Devices for optical communications
Friday, Dec. 4, 2015  16:10-17:40
Chair: Prof. Yin-Chieh Lai,Prof. Chi-Wai Chow
Room: ACX Lecture Hall 璟德講堂 (B1F)
16:10 - 16:25 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O001
Ta-ching Tzu Award Candidate High-Speed and Duo-Mode 850 nm VCSELs for 47 Gbps Optical Interconnect over 1 km OM4 Fiber

Novel duo-mode 850nm VCSELs with short cavity, oxide-relief and Zn-diffusion apertures are demonstrated to balance the trade-off of speed and reaching bottleneck of VCSELs. Extremely-high data rate (47-Gbps) over 1005m OM4-fiber transmission is reported.

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16:25 - 16:40 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O002
Chih-Hao Chang Award Candidate 4-Channel ⅹ 10-Gbps Optical Transceiver Using Polymer Waveguide on Flexible Printed Circuit Board

A 4-channel ⅹ 10-Gbps optical transceiver using polymer waveguide is demonstrated on a flexible printed circuit board. The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), photo-detector (PD) as well as the transmitter driver IC and receiver amplifier IC are integrated on the flexible printed circuit (FPC) board to show the high-speed optical interconnects. The polymer waveguide combined with a polymer-based 45˚ mirror is used to connect the VCSEL, multi-mode fiber (MMF) and PD. The maximum coupling efficiency between MMF and PD via a polymer waveguide is around 62%. For the high-speed measurement under a 10-Gbps data transmission, the clear optical eye pattern passing the 10-Gbps Ethernet eye mask with at least 15% margin is demonstrated. The bit-error-rate of 10-12 under full optical links is also achieved.

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16:40 - 16:55 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O003
Bai Guang Fu Award Candidate Aliasing-Free Receiving in OFDMA PON Networks Employing Low-Sampling-Rate ADC

The work demonstrates that each ONU can receive a 1/2~1/32 portion of downstream data using an ADC of 1/2~1/32 Nyquist sampling rate. An ONU can dynamically select any portion of downstream data by simply controlling delay time of an ADC. Different ONUs can cost-effectively and efficiently share the access-network bandwidth.

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16:55 - 17:10 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O004
Yu-Han Hung Award Candidate Semiconductor Lasers at Period-One Dynamics for Local-Oscillator-Free Photonic Microwave Down-Converters

Photonic microwave down-conversion using period-one nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers is proposed, which provides high conversion efficiency and requires no local oscillators. Experimental demonstration of microwaves at 33.7 GHz down-converted to a frequency ranging from 10 to 14 GHz is presented.

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17:10 - 17:25 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O005
Wei-Yan Chen Award Candidate Monolithic Integration of Photo-detector on Silicon Optical Bench with Acoustic Sensing Membrane

A monolithic integration of photo-detector on silicon optical bench with acoustic sensing membrane is demonstrated. Such optical bench integrates with VCSEL, sensing membrane and photo-detector (PD) fabricated by ion implantation approach. The optical efficiency of VCSEL-to-PD is -3.3 dB after integrated VCSEL and sensing membrane by flip-chip bonding. The SNR of photo and dark current is 20 dB.

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17:25 - 17:40 Paper No.  2015-FRI-S0202-O006
Chong-Jia Wu Award Candidate Fabrication tolerable cladding-modulated Bragg grating reflectors on silicon-on-insulator platform

We propose a fully-etched CMOS-compatible cladding-modulated grating to allow not only flexible control of the reflection response but also large fabrication tolerance. A reflection bandwidth of < 0.6 nm, an extinction ratio of 21.4 dB, and a Bragg wavelength variation of within 1 nm is experimentally demonstrated.

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