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Quantum Electronics

Quantum Electronics III
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015  09:00-10:30
Chair: Chih-Sung Chuu (褚志崧)
Room: Delta B06
09:00 - 09:30 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0303-O001
Antoine Godard Nested cavity optical parametric oscillator: a versatile tunable emitter for active gas sensing in the short- to long-wave infrared

Gas sensing applications have promoted huge developments of tunable lasers in the mid-infrared. The nested cavity optical parametric oscillator (NesCOPO) architecture enables to implement very compact devices that deliver widely tunable narrow linewidth emissions. Its high potential was demonstrated both for local photoacoustic spectroscopy and standoff detection using lidar instruments.

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09:30 - 09:45 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0303-O002
Wei-Kun Chang 2D Quadratic Nonlinear Photonic Crystal for Pulsed Orange Generation in a Dual-Wavelength Nd:YVO4 Laser

We report the design and construction of a highly integrated two-dimensional (2D) aperiodic nonlinear photonic crystal (NPC) for working in a diode-pumped, dual-wavelength (1064 and 1342 nm) Nd:YVO4 laser to demonstrate a compact, high-peak-power intracavity sum-frequency generator (ISFG) radiating at orange 593.5 nm. When the NPC device was driven with a 350-V Q-switching voltage and a 1-kHz switching rate, we measured pulse energy of ~4.3 μJ at 593.5 nm from the constructed ISFG with 5.28-W diode power.

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09:45 - 10:00 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0303-O003
Chuang You-Lin Quantum theory for pulse propagation in electromagnetically-induced-transparency media beyond the adiabatic approximation

Quantum theory for optical pulse propagating through electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) media beyond adiabatic approximation has been studied. By solving the coupled equations of field and atomic coherence operators in presence of the ground and excited state decoherence, we can study the quantum noise squeezing of probe field in slow-light as well as storage and retrieval cases. With the controllable physical quantities, optical depth of EIT sample and coupling field strength, we can demonstrate that the squeezing could be preserved at higher coupling strength.

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10:00 - 10:15 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0303-O004
Yonan Su Control Modulation Instability in Photorefractive Crystals by the Intensity Ratio of Background to Signal Fields

By experimental measurements and theoretical analyses, we demonstrate the control of modulation instability in photorefractive crystals though the intensity ratio of coherent background to signal fields. Theoretical curves based on the band transport model give good agreement to experimental data, both for different bias voltages and different intensity ratios.

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10:15 - 10:30 Paper No.  2015-SAT-S0303-O005
Ray-Ching Hong Observation of phase boundaries in spontaneous optical pattern formation

With measured optical images in spontaneous pattern formations, we observe the phase boundaries in the phase diagram, defining by the degree of coherence and biased voltage. Pattern transitions in the form of stripes, reoriented stripes, hexagons, and spots are revealed experimentally and theoretically for incoherent beams in noninstantaneous anisotropic photorefractive crystals, with demonstrations in the boundary of mixed-phase states.

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