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Display Technology

Poster Session Ⅱ
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015  17:10-18:00
Paper No.  2015-SAT-P0702-P001
Sheng-Ping Chiang Analysis of the electro-optical property in polymer dispersed liquid crystal through ultraviolet irradiation

It is considered that electrooptical properties of PDLC film strongly depend on operating time and UV irradiation time. Therefore, we found the variation of response time was caused by a long UV irradiation regardless of the differential LC concentration and polymerization UV intensity parameters in our experiment.

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Paper No.  2015-SAT-P0702-P002
Wing-Kit Choi Polymer-Stabilized Blue-Phase Liquid Crystal Displays using interdigitated corrugated electrode with improved transmission

We propose an interdigitated electrode design to further improve the transmission of a Polymer Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystal (PS-BPLC) display based on a corrugated electrode. By using our modified new design, it is possible to improve the transmission of this BPLC display by ~ 5% due to the reduction of “dead zones” caused by the disclination lines, while keeping a low operation voltage below 10V. PS-BPLC display based on corrugated electrode is attractive since it can offer both low operation voltage and high transmission at the same time.

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